Access BPO India: A Brand Trusted For Its Quality BPO And KPO Services

Vikash Kumar, CEOThe financial stability of a country depends on the banking system. However, Indian Banks have a really bad reputation due to bad debts as well as soring high NPA rates. For a financially stable country, the NPA rate should remain below 3%. However, when it comes to India, the NPA rate has been 8-10% stalling the overall financial growth of the country. There are multiple reasons behind the soring NPA rates with one of the major reasons being the relaxed lending norms by the banks for the corporate houses without proper analysis of their financial status and credit rating. Another reason is the dependencies on outdated software as well as manual work execution.

After experiencing the way lenders used technology to streamline collections in the developed nations, Vikash Kumar founded Access BPO India. Access BPO is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company that provides a platform for companies to increase contract visibility and identify revenue implications in contracts through the organization. Customers can take advantage of the offering as a service hosted on the ACCESS BPO platform without capital investment.

A team of experts At Access BPO works on fulfilling the needs of the firm's clients, providing results in a short duration. As one of the leading KPO and BPO service providers across India, The firm provides end-to-endoutsourcing services to its clients around the world.
The integrated approach to business process management solutions provided by the Access BPO enables its customers across all industries and service lines to drive business value and meet their business challenges.

Inception Story
After having a first-hand experience of the efficient usage of technology by the lenders in developed countries to streamline the collection, Vikash Kumar, CEO, Access BPO India realized what's lacking in Indian lenders. With much dependency on outdated software that is not efficient enough to handle the collection as well as with the majority of the work process done manually, the Indian lenders were burdened with bad debts with soaring high overall NPA rates. While the improved rate of the collection does have a positive impact on both the lenders as well as the economy.

Our Integrated Approach To Business Process Management Solutions Enables Our Customers Across All Industries And Service Lines To Drive Business Value And Meet Their Business Challenges

Knowing the fact that fixing the loan recovery issue could transform the lending sector in India and the proper skillsets and experience required for resolving the bad debts problem, Vikash founded Access BPO India. Since its inception, the firm has helped around 10 lending organizations by improving their collection rates by 15-20% and recovering 70-95% of their bad debts. Within 1.5 years of its functioning, Access BPO India has already cemented its position in the industry with an employee strength of 200. The organization has also automated part of its services for better impact and results. Currently, the firm is providing its service to some of the high profile lending clients such as TVS Credit, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Bajaj Finserv, PayMe India, and so on.

The Future Roadmap
Access BPO India aims to provide the best BPO and KPO services to its clients ensuring improved productivity and competitiveness of the organizations. Looking at the future roadmap, Access BPO is planning to expand its employee strength to 350 within the next 1 year. In terms of revenue, while presently Access BPO India's revenue is around 2.5 crores, the firm is planning to cross 5 crores within the next 2 years. The firm is also planning to venture into providing Medical coding services to its clients. Within the next 2 years, Access BPO India aims to become the biggest service provider in terms of KPO, BPO, and collections in India.