Able Mind Consulting: Tailor-Making New Background Check Paradigms

Amit Grover,CEOInvestigations by Indian intelligence and law enforcement authorities into recent incidents of financial misappropriation by staffs of technology companies have revealed that most of the India based IT & BPO companies are culpable of inadequate background screening initiatives. Entombed under the hiring pressures, they often give quality and diligence a back seat.An endeavor of seasoned risk professionals, Able Mind Consulting Pvt. Ltd (AMC) is born to eliminate & reduce such kinds of reputation, financial & legal risks arising out of fraudulent employees through robust screening and verification processes.It goes a leap further and ensures the clients are under cover even after the hiring process through encrusting an additional security layer over them with its end-to-end & tailor made services ranging from Commercial Enquiries & Investigations to Corporate & Background Investigations, Due Diligence and Brand Protection.

Going a Step Further

Wholly aware of disparate Indian conditions, this highly adaptable and innovative organization goes further the norm public databases and employs physical verification wherever essential, and thus saves its clients from organized rackets
generating fake certificates. “In the absence of online data, we visit the police station physically. It is a constant endeavor of AMC team to build value for our clients with our expertise and deep insight which aids in mitigating risks to their reputation, business and assets,” asserts Amit Grover, CEO, Able Mind Consulting.

As a thumb rule, AMC does not share information with any third party, and it further tightens the security by binding its employees under NDA

The razor sharp investigation team of AMC that comprises of intelligence, military & law enforcement officers, lawyers, computer forensics experts and corporate intelligence analysts are highly experienced in every facet of investigation ranging from Investigative Interviewing to Data Analysis, Surveillance, Source Handling, Document Examination, Fraud Auditing and Information Management. They amalgamate their established network in their respective fields with complete local knowledge in exact proportions to proffer proven solutions with highest standards of integrity, confidentiality and discretion.

The Humble Beginning

Kick started its operations in 2008 from Delhi with merely Rs.50,000 seed fund in place, the world-class professional team is what back boned AMC to emerge as a market leader in providing solutions while dealing with sensitive and discreet enquiries overt and covert. Focused on quality rather than quantity, it enables clients take extremely quick decisions, even
with the offshore candidates who
are investigated through its partner networks.Today, besides Pre/Post Employment Screening services, it also helps client sunfold financial & non-financial predicaments such as financial statement fraud, money laundering, regulatory breaches forgery, cyber crime and missing persons with its Corporate & Background Investigations team. “Our alternative models of financial investigation benefit clients with reduced investigation costs and time savings,” adjoins Amit. Apart from being a trusted & reputed Due Diligence partner, AMC is also a market leader in Brand Protection with major Fortune 500 companies constituting its customer ecosystem.

A Secured Environment

As a thumb rule, AMC does not share information with any third party, and it further tightens the security by binding its employees under NDA, and sharing information only on need to know basis. Besides keeping employees a breast of latest trends, this security assurance has acted as a catalyst to grow AMC as an eight figure revenue company with offices in Kolkata, Punjab and offshoot teams in Mumbai and Hyderabad. With background check business getting greater push with digitization and making Aadhaar mandatory for all hiring, and in turn costs coming down, the company is very much open to clients with whom it can chart a growth trajectory with similar vision.

To conclude AMC is the partner for Right Hire enables securing your business from internal threats (wrong hire) and external threats keeping your business secure by carrying out Due Diligence, Commercial Enquiries and Brand Protection activities.