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Coaching for Training Effectiveness Training Effectiveness Kirkpatrick Model , Senior Level Training Issues at Senior Level, Coaching & How Coach will help, Creating Coaching Culture
his presentation deals with Bullying & Workplace Harassment, What is Bullying/Harassment?, Harassment Exists When, Workplace Harassment Costs, Why Dont People Report Workplace Harassment?, Manager Responsibilities, Employee Responsibilities.
This Slide show discusses on the topics such as:SUCCESSION MANAGEMENT, reasons for succession management, approach, Recent Research Data, key success factors , Evolution of Succession Planning, why it fails.., role of top management, role of hr.
This presentation gives a brief description on Talent Management: Effective and Future Strategies, TALENT ACQUISITION STRATEGY, BASIC DIMENSIONS OF SCREENING QUALITY TALENT, Career Discussion Meeting - Agenda, Common barriers and shortfalls in the policy & practice
This Slide show discusses on the topics such as:Employee Engagement Mobilising the organization to drive higher engagement, Engagement War Cry’, What isEngagement?, Levels Signs.., Pitfalls..,Engagement Survey, Regular planned Review.
This presentation deals with TALENT MANAGEMENT Effective and Future Strategies, Understanding Talent Management and The Global Scenario, Why Talent Management ?, Talent Management - Integration Management, Building Sustainable Leadership & Futuristic Talent Management Strategy, Talent Acquisition,
HRM: Past, Present &Future:  Paradigm Shifts in 3 decades post liberalisation Evolution of Industry post liberalization Retail Industry in India, Skill pyramid for organized retail-emerging industry, HR Challenges, Evolution of HR in India post liberalization, Four Roles and Sixteen Accountabilities Ulrichs model. The Future of HR Profession.
This presentation gives a brief description on Performance Management, The Human Resources Sensitivities, Automation in Human Resources, Complexity in Delivery, Going Forward: 9 Box Rating.
Performance Management System are: Periodic Reviews,Strategic Alignment Goal Setting, A Call to Arms Barriers to Performance The Misalignment PMS - Vision, Cultural Change, GENMOD: Horizontal Strategic Alignment Vertical Alignment through Catch-Ball Transformation
This presentation deals with Career Development: Tool for Employee Engagement,
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