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Sonali Banerjee
Sonali Banerjee
HR Strategies in Place in your Company

Imagination Technologies is a global top 4 semiconductor IP company and creates/licenses market-leading embedded graphics, video/display accelerators, multi-threaded processors and multi-standard receiver technologies. Its licensees include the leading semiconductor and consumer electronics companies in the world, as well as innovative leading edge start-up and fabless semiconductor companies.
We follow simple strategy get the right people and retain them.

Today trends seen in HR

Managing Global workforce. Diversity in workforce working in different time zones, countries and multi-cultures has given a new challenge to HR and it has impacted the recruiting and hiring practices worldwide.
Telecommuting or teleworking are becoming order of the day.
This decade has brought about the transformation of employee recruiting and social and media interaction and networking. With LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites recruiting will never be the same again.Social media and online recruiting bring the employer new challenges. Developing social media and blogging policies, deciding whether to monitor employee time online, and checking candidate backgrounds online.
Online, all the time, and availability via technology, has blurred the line between work and home. Employees work at home and shop at work and take brief breaks by playing online games. Employees do their banking at work and their work accounting at home. Almost no one goes on vacation without their smart phone, laptop. No generation has ever been this connected, and for good and bad, some employees never stop working. This interferes with relaxing time, and work-life balance, but most employees just see it as a way of life.
Technology has transformed the way in which Human Resources offices manage and communicate employee information and communicate with employees, in general.

Difficulties in Planning Human Resource in an ever changing business

The kind of technology space we are in it is difficult to get right people in limited time without planning properly. So we need to plan well in advance the sources of recruitment, experienced v/s fresher ratio etc etc, but in case the business plan changes all our planning goes for a toss and we need to plan all over again changing our Hiring strategy to cater to the current business needs. With the changing business needs Human Resource planning also needs to be dynamic and the need of the hour is to effectively use technology to our favour.

HR Relationship with the CEO

HR and CEOs are partners in business. So there has to be total alignment between the 2.

Biggest Pain Point

We are working in very niche technical space, so getting the right candidate in a short time frame is a challenge.

Motivating Employees with Rewards

Everyone wants to be appreciated and recognized , keeping this philosophy in mind we have various category of awards which may be monetary or non-monetary.

Different Qualities looking while hiring people

Technical ability, his attitude and cultural fit in our organization.

Some of the leadership development programs being held & results obtained

We have been running our development plans which is based on our Annual strategy.

Identifying Leaders promoting them to the next level

Ours is a small organization with employees divided into small Technical groups as per their expertise so its not very difficult to know their technical and leadership competencies through various assignments simple to complex based on this we identify and promote them to next level.

Engaging Gen Y - Leadership and Organization Culture

Gen Y are extremely talented lot and at the same time very restless. They are ambitious and want to grow at a very fast pace. So organizations should build the trust between them and the organization ,give them challenging roles and reach out to them through technology.

Recruiting & retaining the diverse and ambitious Generation Y. Are they really ambitious

As I said Earlier Gen Y are extremely talented lot and at the same time very restless. They are ambitious and want to grow at a very fast pace. In my opinion only way they can be retained is to empower them, give them challenging work, give regular feedback , fair pay and reaching out to them.

Attrition Management: Retaining vs. fresh hiring

Retaining is as important as fresh Hiring.
In my opinion companies need to identify whom to retain and just retain them organizations should tailor make the retention tool as per an individual.
Also we should remember organizations cannot retain everybody.
Fresh hiring is needed to get fresh blood in the org , new ideas and also to cater to new org growth path.

Promotional techniques work best & reason behind it

For us working with Premier engineering colleges and participating in Technical forums to showcase our technology helped us to promote our company.

Workplaces are changing. Cultures are evolving. The average employee today is different from his/her counterpart from a decade ago too? What is lacking and what does he/she need to keep in mind in todays working scenario

The Avg age of the employees are going down. The Gen Y and Baby boomers are in work place along with Milleniums.
GenY and Baby Boomers are very talented but donot have patience so they need every thing fast paced. So its a challenge for HR to take care of these three Generations.
Along with this there are diversity in work place with multi Time Zones, multi culture and multi location so it has impacted, communication, hiring and retaining practices every where.
Networking and Technology is the need of the times.
We need to be more adaptive and change with the times.
Attract good people, retain the better people and advance the best people
We believe in getting the right people, engaging empowering and enabling them.

Advice/ suggestions to fellow HRs

Have empathy and communicate with employees.

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