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Sanjeev Himachali
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HR Strategies in Place in your Company

Cybertech International Holdings Ltd is a Product based Software Development Company with offices in multiple global locations. We are equal opportunity employers. Over last THREE years or so we have been stressing more on hiring fresh graduates from institutes and groom them to fit into various roles in the company. Most of our senior executives and domain experts have been groomed within the company as against hiring senior level executives from the market. We have been investing lots of time and resources and defining clear strategies for performance evaluation and management. We do not encourage long working hours. All we need is NINE hours of dedicated and sincere work without being distracted by personal emails or phone-calls, social media, etc.

Today trends Seen in HR

Over next 5-10 years, the companies will keep only the strategic HR team and will outsource the mundane or routine HR activities such as Payroll, Recruitment, Legal Compliances, etc. HR teams in the company will be more into Employee Relations, Employee Engagement, Succession Planning, Organization Development and other activities of Talent Management and Development (TM&D).

Difficulties in Planning Human Resource in an ever changing business

Our company culture encourages versatility among employees, more so at senior level. Our senior executives are also our shareholders and thereby the accountability and responsibility has increased manifold. We have in place several functional Training and Development Programs as well as Coaching Programs to keep our teams ready for the volatile market.

HR Relationship with the CEO

Does matter from which institute the HR Head comes from be it Harvard, IIM, XLRI, Stanford, etc, none of them will be able to execute any strategy or implement any policy, if they do not have the support of Management Team or the Board. In our company, the HR team shares very cordial relations with all C-level executives. It is easier said than done. They are our internal customers and at the end of a day we must of able to sell our strategies to them before taking it to employees.

Biggest Pain Point

I think the biggest pain has been to find people with the attitude and aptitude of an entrepreneur. No matter how skilled or talented you are you will not be able to grow in any profession unless you understand the dynamics of business or unless you understand the value of every dollar earned by the company. People are not willing to take challenges, leave alone high-value risks and what they call as challenge is their routine work that they have messed-up by poor time and resource management. So, finding the RIGHT kind of people is certainly the biggest pain. The second big is losing your well trained and well-equipped talent to the competition.

Motivating Employees with Rewards

We encourage performance-linked reward system. Team goals have been defined, Goals are linked to the career-plans of employees, performance parameters have been set and rewards are linked to the performance. All they need to do is to go and get it. It is like giving them the vehicle, setting the destination for them and giving them the route too, however, they need to drive to reach their destination.

Different Qualities looking while hiring people

We look for the following: fitment into company culture, attitude and aptitude to go that extra mile, relevant experience and of course, the ability to communicate.

Some of the leadership development programs being held & results obtained

Some of the leadership programs scheduled and organized by is in last one year are: People Management and Getting Things Done - The critical difference; Effective Delegation; Time Management and Project Execution; Team Communication; and Using Emotional Quotient for Performance Enhancement. We organize such programs regularly. So far we have received satisfactory results.

Identifying Leaders promoting them to the next level

Skill-Inventory Competency-Mapping-Performance-Leadership-Skills and willingness to move to next-level-Talent Pool-Succession Planning

Engaging Gen Y - Leadership and Organization Culture

There is a big difference between what Gen Y expects from its workplace and what works for the business to stay competitive. Leadership can be friendly as well as accommodating and they can be your buddy too but do not expect them to be totally transparent in their communication process. Information passed will always be "need-to-know-basis". Similarly, the organization culture can be very casual and accommodating. It hardly matters what you wear to the work-place or how long you stay in the organization, all that matters is-timely deliverables without compromising with the quality of it.

Recruiting & retaining the diverse and ambitious Generation Y. Are they really ambitious

 I find them aspiring and dreamy but most of them lack the conviction, determination and motivation to make it through. Being jealous is not being ambitious. Time cannot ensure you anything, only your performance can. At the time of hiring, we make it very sure about the company culture and what to expect. Some people filter out in the 1st six months of joining and others in the following six months. Those who manage to survive the demand and expectations of the company for one year; they are the kind of people that we look for.

Attrition Management: Retaining vs. fresh hiring

We do not believe in retaining EVERY employee. We prefer to go for fresh hiring rather than retaining those who have already made-up their mind to leave the company. However, we are interested in knowing the REAL reason of resignation. All our employees are governed by Non-Disclosure and Non-Competitive Agreement; therefore, even if someone decides to leave the company they are still governed by clauses of above mentioned agreement.

Promotional techniques work best & reason behind it
Performance speaks for itself. All we expect from our employees is consistency in their performance. They must know and understand that it does not take one semester of good scores to graduate. They must be willing to repeat their good performance over the period of time to be able to move to next-level in the organization. This is what we expect them to tell about us among their family, friends and other acquaintances. At this stage of our organizational growth, we do not prefer to use any other mode to promote about the company.

Workplaces are changing. Cultures are evolving. The average employee today is different from his/her counterpart from a decade ago too? What is lacking and what does he/she need to keep in mind in todays working scenario

Yes, the workplace is changing and so the workplace culture. What was there in 1990s is no longer relevant. Approach of getting the work done has changed. Discipline at workplace has been taken-over by flexibility. Workplaces have become more casual and so is the relationship between managers and their subordination. Social media has definitely changed workplace dynamics in more than one ways. Todays talent is not focused and they definitely lack the long term concentration. Workplace loyalty has gone for the toss. People are more willing to accept shortcuts to success and fame. Competition has increased manifold however people are not competitive enough. They have aspirations and desires but no conviction. They lack the time-management skills and hence in order to complete their work they are forced to spend long hours at workplace. Long working hours has definitely disturbed the work-life balance.

Attract good people, retain the better people and advance the best people

The job of a HR Pro is not just about people. HR Pros are expected to be a great marketer. They must be able to sell company culture and company policies to prospective employees of the company, that is, the available talent pool in the market. HR Pros are also expected to be a great negotiator and they must be able to negotiate Company Vision as against career aspiration and goals of candidates. Once they are in, the HR Pro should keep his promise by providing sufficient infrastructure to chase company goals and thereby help them to grow in their career. It is very important to have clear goals and measurable performance parameters. The best in the lot with consistent performance of A++ gets promoted to the next level and others are sent for performance coaching.

Advice/ suggestions to fellow HRs

It is important to have a thorough understanding of the business of your company and so is to know about the competitors of your company. Do not come to the office with a thought that you will change the culture or policies of the company just like that because you cannot. Be a good marketer and sharpen your negotiation skills because before you take any strategy or policy to employees, you must be able to sell it to your seniors. Your seniors are interested in just one thing Return on Investment, therefore, you must be able to explain how your strategy or policy is going to affect the business and thereby increase the productivity.

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