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Nachiketas Bhatkar
Nachiketas Bhatkar
HR Strategies in Place in your Company

Our company is in e-content, e-learning, e-services & e- governance. We have most HR Policies in place.

Today trends seen in HR

Work with fun
Work from home
Flexible timings
Women employees expect work flexibility in continuation to their maternity leave
Five day work culture
Transport and canteen facility

HR Relationship with the CEO

It should be transparent and clear. If HR is aware of all the strategies and planning of the organization, he/she can have a clear idea of how to handle various situations / personnel issues etc.

Biggest Pain Point

Yearly Appraisals. How much ever we try to be modest with employees expectations, they are never satisfied with their increments.

Motivating Employees with Rewards

There is no such practice in our company.

Different Qualities looking while hiring people

We expect that he / she should give commitment for minimum 2 years, is keen to learn, dedicated and honest.
Identifying Leaders promoting them to the next level

This is generally done on the basis of years of experience in our company.

Engaging Gen Y - Leadership and Organization Culture

I feel there should be a voice for everyone in the company. The environment should be very friendly and open where everyone should get chance to express their views and even the heads should be mature enough to accept their views or atleast to have a thought on its implementation without being prejudice. I feel the Gen Y is very smart, fast and have good ideas in them. Only thing is we need to identify them and encourage them ( in some cases where the employees are shy or introvert).

Attrition Management: Retaining vs. fresh hiring

We try to retain employees more than fresh hiring. Our work culture is very relaxed as such employees do have time for their families and other social commitments and hence our attrition rate very low.

Workplaces are changing. Cultures are evolving. The average employee today is different from his/her counterpart from a decade ago too? What is lacking and what does he/she need to keep in mind in todays working scenario

I feel the dedication to work is lacking in todays employee though they are technology savvy and fast grasping as compared to his/her counterpart decade ago.

Attract good people, retain the better people and advance the best people

In case of IT sector, I feel there should be good ongoing projects on various platforms which can attract good people. To ensure there is job satisfaction in the employees, to offer them with good perks and other facilities as per industry standards to retain better people. The best people should be given more exposure, recognition for their achievements and freedom of work and decision making.

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