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Gurumukh Das Maheshwari
Gurumukh Das Maheshwari
Head HR,Principal
HR Strategies in Place in your Company

Principal Global Services is a captive unit of The Principal Financial Group U.S., a member of the FORTUNE 500, a financially and culturally robust organization lived through the great recession and other ups and downs of the economy. The Principal has been bestowed with prestigious awards including best employer, fortune 100 organizations for many consecutive years.
HR Strategies:
(i)    Ensure sustainability of the organization value by engaging and retaining key talent.

(ii) Higher level of engagement and involvement of leaders to create an environment of greater accountability, inclusion and positive energy:focusing employee engagement and leadership effectiveness.

(iii)Effective HR services to enhance business value through HRBP program.

(iv) Effective organization brand and visibility in society and amongst employees.

Todays trends seen in HR

In current context, HR is not perceived as simply a service provider or a support function. HR is expected to have knowledge of business, associated dynamics and the competition. HR folks should be equipped with HR delivery capabilities and knowledge of HR function & related technologies. HR is expected to contribute to business strategies and work as a change catalyst. HR is seen and perceived as business enablement function.

Difficulties in Planning Human Resource in an ever changing business

Serious HR and OD interventions take longer time for institutionalization.The changes in business are at a faster pace than the institutionalization. Business and economy is changing rapidly that demands HR to respond quickly. HR interventions are generally long term in nature and has inculcated into the system and benefits are reaped, the business has already moved up and might be going through another change. Thus its always a chasing exercise for HR.Though these chase situation would continue, HR would need to have long term strategies for the organizations sustainability.

HR Relationship with the CEO

The impact of people dimension is immense on the organization. Proper balance between business, finance and people can help the organization flourish. People focus defines organization health and longevity; thus the CHRO plays a significant role in strategizing the balance between the short and long term people requirements of the organization. CEOs are acutely aware of its importance and look forward for HR to support them in business endeavors. They expect HR to assist them in succession management process, change management, leadership development, talent management and most importantly organization building processes. Its a function, the CEO works more closely with.

Some of the leadership development programs being held & results obtained

I have a strong belief that the leadership development programs should provide conceptual insights, perspectives, opportunities and a non-threatening environment. Our leadership interventions are designed with a focus should be on the organization current and future needs, leadership capability & competency gaps and leadership expectations. The program consists of advance skill building workshops, competency building processes, experiential learnings, customized mentoring. Along with this an opportunity to work on organization level projects / change initiatives to implement this learning. This entire intervention lasts for 12 to 15 months. Our belief is that a week / month long Leadership Development program offered are more of a lip service; it merely gives high level orientation / perspective and may be some skills. In isolation, this does not solve the leadership development purpose.

Identifying Leaders promoting them to the next level

One needs to be little careful identifying competencies for next higher role: this can be observed while the incumbent is performing his current role and assignments. You also need to observe him for consistency. Apart from obvious business parameters, other parameters like acceptance in the group as a new colleague / supervisor is extremely critical. Prematurely promoting a person is definitely setting him for failure. Selection process can be robust consisting of psychometric tests/ case studies/ competency assessment / interview/ recommendations etc.

Engaging Gen Y - Leadership and Organization Culture

Empowerment is a key for engaging Gen Y leadership, more important than the designation and level as well. A culture of openness also is appreciated by these leaders.
Culture is about the values and beliefs: what is valued here and what is not: practice and demonstration of them. How you would like organization to be perceived by the employees and customers: what is organizations identity etc.Gen Y is more open, quick in action, willing to risk, flexible, adaptable, restless etc. These qualities will actually help strengthening the culture and organization perception.

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