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Arvind Joshi
Arvind Joshi
Manager HR
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HR Strategies in Place in your Company

H & R Johnson ( I ), ( A Divn. of Prism Cement Ltd.) is a pioneer Ceramic Tiles manufacturing company in the country. The group has various plants catering to different needs of the customers all over the country. The annual turnover of the group is over 1300 crores and is now targeting sales of over 3000 crores by 2013. Mr.Vijay Aggarwal is the MD of the group. The company has a strong HR focus on aligning Group Objective with employee objective and to have a strong customer focus across all levels. The company envisages to have a common HR strategy for a proper culture integration in the group and the need to involve employees actively in companys strategy planning and business development process. Some of the HR interventions are:-

  • HR as a Strategic Business Partner in the Organizational Policies rather than performing conventional functions
  • Involvement of HR in the Business Development Process
  • Strategic Goals including Employee engagement, Satisfaction & Performance Growth
  • Supporting Employees to grow in the Organization & build career by constant training
  • Aligning Employee Performance with Business Growth
  • Develop Positive Mind Set
  • Develop Core Competencies and Multiple Skill
  • Strategic Planning for future
  • Need for all HODs to act as Line Managers and shoulder additional responsibility in addition to their normal routine work
Today trends seen in HR

HR has assumed a key role function in todays scenario. Retention of employees, employee involvement in business process, maintaining a happy workplace to pep up employee performance, grooming potential employees for higher responsibilities, Career planning, competency based succession planning etc. are a big challenge to the HR function.

Difficulties in Planning Human Resource in an ever changing business

HR still remains a neglected area primarily because the HR function is still viewed as a non productive one. Since HR activities have a long gestation period to bear results, HR activities take a back seat and are not given prominence. Monetary constraints by management towards HR activities imposes severe restrictions in implementation of OD interventions and organizing employee centric activities.

Relationship of HR with the CEOs

The relationship needs to be based on trust and belief. I believe the same is still not to the desired level in most of the industries. HR activities are still viewed with suspicion and mistrust.

Biggest Pain Point

Lack of support and commitment by management in implementation of HR activities. Also, in a manufacturing industry, Employee involvement and awareness level is also seen to be lacking to a large extent.

Motivating Employees with Rewards

By promotion and performance incentives.

Different Qualities looking while hiring people

Mostly work experience in a related industry. Qualification and Cultural background is given secondary importance.

Identifying Leaders promoting them to the next level

By Performance Appraisal System and Personal observation

Engaging Gen Y - Leadership and Organization Culture

Gen Y Leadership engagement needs proper assessment suiting a particular industry need and requirement. Proper Cultural grooming should be administered before assumption of leadership. Organization Culture is the most important factor of an industry. Institutions survive only on their reputation, trustworthiness and cultural climate. Organization Culture is important for an employee for:

a)Developing Belongingness
b)Improve Performance
c)Job Satisfaction
d)Ability to Shoulder Responsibility
e)Skill Enhancement
f)Career Advancement

Recruiting & retaining the diverse and ambitious Generation Y. Are they really ambitious

Recruitment is made on the basis of Interview and Skill Assessment. Personal references are also obtained for getting a first hand information about the candidate. For retention of Gen- Y employees the following approach is adopted:-

a) Periodic Assessment of the Employees Performance
b) Timely Promotion and Extra Monetary Benefits
c) Training for Multi Tasking
d) Opportunities for Career Growth

Promotional techniques work best & reason behind it

Hike in monetary compensation and promotion based on performance and added job responsibilities

Workplaces are changing. Cultures are evolving. The average employee today is different from his/her counterpart from a decade ago too? What is lacking and what does he/she need to keep in mind in todays working scenario

Yes, the average employee is different from his counterpart a decade ago. The average employee is having more job insecurity, has more mental stress due to professional and personal reasons, is prone to sickness and fatigue, employers are more demanding, global competition is demanding more output and results etc.
Todays employee need to keep the following in mind in todays working scenario:-
a) Develop multi tasking abilities
b) Have a balanced life and devote time to work and family
c) Maintain good health by proper diet and exercise
d) Have a good working relationship with peers and colleagues
e) Share knowledge and experience to develop pipeline
f) Be open to change around you

Attract good people, retain the better people and advance the best people
Attract Good People

a) Maintain a good brand name
b) Be transparent in dealing with people
c) Have a good recruitment policy
d) Have a proper personal policy with laid down systems
e) Compensation package based on current market trends

Retain Better People & Advance Best People

a) Timely promotion and monetary benefits
b) Have a Career Path & Succession Planning in place
c) Proper Redress Procedure
d) System Orientation
e) Good Organizational Culture & Working Climate

Advice/ suggestions to fellow HRs

Be transparent and open in your interaction with people. Help employees to perform better. Keep abreast with latest HR trends in the industry for Organizational Development improvizations.

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