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Why Internal Promotion is better than Hiring New Employees?

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, March 1, 2013
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Bangalore: Every organization would like to complete a job at a minimal cost saving the company’s money. And most importantly when it comes to recruiting someone for a job opening they should prefer promoting the existing talent in the organization.

Whenever a business is on the phase of growth they will have new assignments and projects to complete. For doing the tasks, new roles and openings will be coming out which will play a vital role in the success of the company. The need to recruit someone talented for that new position is a challenge now. There are highly skilled and talented candidates outside but if you look closely sometimes you will find the right candidate within the organization itself.

This practice is known as succession planning. It includes training, mentoring and promoting the existing employees. Steven Burrell in an article on mentioned the benefits of internal promotion. Some of them are-

1. Cost cutting- It is always better to promote an internal talent. The time and expense it takes to train an external candidate costs the company almost half the year’s salary until they come out with something productive. However, if you go for an existing candidate you just need to train them on their tasks rather than the basic training. This would come up to only a minimal costs.

2. Bring into transition- When you hire a new candidate it takes time for them to get used to the work and the team members and ultimately to learn the business objectives. When an existing employee is recruited it doesn’t have this problem. They are already known to the co-workers and the business goals. So, they can immediately get on to the work.

3. Fit in with the organizational culture: An outside candidate will take much more time in getting fit with the organizational culture and with other team members. A company can grow only with successful team building. So, promoting an internal talent is also beneficial from that side.

4. Loyalty towards the organization- First of all prove yourself loyal infront of your employees by promoting them to higher level. Professionals nowadays switch companies often to get better opportunities. So, if they find themselves getting promoted they will surely plan to stick to your company and be productive.

Make the best use of your internal talent. Give them a chance to prove themselves and deliver their best to the organization growth. Make a proper planning and promote the talented people in your organization who are working hard to contribute in the company profit.

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