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Why HR Should be Directed Towards Business

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, October 9, 2012
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Bangalore: What is leading people to declare that HR is dying? What does it lack? Andrew Gadomski, Founder, Aspen Advisors discussed this issue in an HR Summit. He is quoted on ITNews saying that HR has lately been emphasizing on technology so much that it is struggling to manage itself. HR is lacking in certain management practices which has resulted in it being considered insufficient.

HR is not directed towards leadership and innovation anymore. While the job nature has changed for many, the leaders are now responsible for ensuring that the workforce is able to deal with these changes. HR leaders must know the business well to ensure that the right decisions are taken. They should also focus on developing the skills of the employee and not just hiring and retaining them. Very often, the analysis regarding applicants for a post is also insufficient. The wrong hire for a job will result in wastage of company resources. It would also result in the loss of the time it takes to train a new employee.

The HR must constantly be updated about market trends in the respective industry and ensure that the people are trained with an eye towards the end goal; a strong organization. It should have clarity about what initiatives will bring in most Returns on Investment and give priority to those. It must have a clear count of attendance of the employees and ensure there are relevant policies to manage the same. The HR must also enable the organization to always know how its competitors are doing. It can ensure that steps are taken to help employees do better so that they are also able to grow in their job position.

While HR is coping with incorporation of social media strategy, BYOD trends and Big Data technology, the end result should always be an enhanced performance of the organization.

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