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Tips for HRs on How to Communicate With the CEO

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, December 10, 2012
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Bangalore: The CEO and HR have got too many clashes to settle. CEOs doesn't approve the way the HR people communicate to them. They often think that the HR should improve the way they speak to the CEO in order to build up a good relation with them.

HR Professionals who have learnt the tactics of communicating with the CEOs have succeeded in taking a seat in board meetings and exchange ideas with the senior level people and they enjoy more respect and importance in the eyes of CEO.

New professional HRs must keep in mind the expectations of the CEOs and how to meet such expectations.

Jean Imbler-Jansen, SPHR, President of Strategic HR Solutions, on provided some tips for HRs on how to communicate with the CEO.

1. There are certain times to break the news in front of the CEO. Don't plan to give surprises in uncertain places like break room, hallway etc. this leaves a bad impression on the CEO. Instead wait for the appropriate time when the CEO is free and ready to listen what you have to say.

2. When you need to inform the CEO about any sensitive message speak to him directly without showing any emotional attachment. The topic may be a serious one but the message should reach the CEO with interest to the organization but without blaming any employee of the organization.

3. Informing the CEO about the day to day transactions is a good way of making him alert but you should not tell him in details about each of the developments. Instead let him know about it in points and he would easily make out what is going on in the organization.

4. CEOs expect that their HR is up-to-date with company strategies and communiques. They should be able to give presentations in company meetings and make sure their message of communication is counted companywide. If this can be achieved, an HR will easily win the self respect from the CEO in front of other senior level managers.

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