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Tips for HR to Shine Tomorrow

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, November 5, 2012
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Bangalore: There has been a lot of discussion going around regarding the role of HR in the coming years. Some might think that the role of an HR is limited to only finding and hiring new talents and unaware of the growth they can have in a human resource field.
John Hollon wrote in that, according to a new study from The Conference Board and McKinsky & Company in State of Human Capital 2012 says that there are four tips following which a HR will be able to succeed tomorrow. They are as follows:

1. Planning for tomorrow: Planning is most important thing to do when you prepare something for future. With the high end technology gearing up, the work environment in the next decade will change its total outlook.

2. Boost your employee strength: Engage your employees in the respective job field satisfying them with their work and creating a healthy environment. When employees are fully devoted to their work they perform well which relates to the productivity of the company.

3.  Retaining the skilled workers: Fight for talented employees have been continuing since long back. The high growth of the market and the unmatched job category has increased the need for retaining the hard working employees. These types of employees are the leaders of tomorrow.
4. Gain more importance: In an organization, there are various departments so always make sure the HR functions are more responsive. Research shows that organizations that ensure alertness shows more revenue profits than the non-agile companies.

In this unpredictable business world, following the above rules by the HR might help them to effectively manage the talents in the challenging environment. Bryan Hancock, Partner in McKinsey & Company’s Atlanta office said, “Human capital departments and executives are also facing a real struggle to make a strategic difference in their organizations. Only by partnering with other parts of the organization will they be able to address critical business issues with long-term, systemic impact on human capital.”

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