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The Rise of New Opportunities for HR

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, February 15, 2013
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Bangalore: HR is an ever changing domain. With new technology coming up, HR leaders get new opportunities to prove themselves in the organization. Rather than motivating, hiring and recruiting candidates, HR staff has to show their interest towards business by giving suggestions and opinions at the executive table.

To address the changing domain, Strategic HR summit was held in Chennai on February 8. It included visionary keynotes and panel discussions which aimed at taking a step towards accepting the changes in human resources domain in the near future.

Speaking about HR as Transformation Partner, Chandrasekhar Chenniappan, Head HR, Atmel stated that HR is the heart of the organization while the business is the brain and so, striking the right balance and coordination is the key for an effective business partnering. He also told that driving the values and ethics of the organization in difficult / turbulent times is one of the key competencies which HR professionals need to develop. Although this is critical to have a long term credibility and sustainability for the organization, it brings transparency, trust and credibility among the employees of the organization.

Latha Nambisan, SVP, HR, Servion Global Solutions expressed her views on HR as a transformation partner and the alignment of talent for sustained business excellence saying, “The IT Industry in India has to rapidly move up the value chain from IT outsourcing to business transformation partner. While skills are important what will drive the change is culture and values. HR’s role as a transformation partner is to align values and culture to help the organization move from a cost arbitrage platform to differentiation based on innovation and consulting capabilities”.

Prasad B V, VP, HR & IR, Pricol told that the transformation process for a HR professional is changing an organization, its employees, its stake holders and groups of people within it using planned and unplanned learning in order to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage for the organization. To focus on transformation approach, it is necessary to help business to achieve growth strategies and targets through organic growth and mergers & acquisitions and identify new talent sources to support growth. Focusing on profit growth and cost reduction initiatives to minimize productivity impacts protect the organization ability to attract and retain top talent. It provides effective and efficient HR services to reduce HR's own operating costs. Prasad also stated that in order to align performance and rewards with speed, flexibility and adoptability; it is important to create tools, approaches, methodologies and communications to reinforce a culture of speed.

Jacob Jacob, CPO, Apollo Hospitals Enterprises added that, for any organization to truly move up the value chain of transformation the fundamentals of having implemented and sustained an appropriate set of values and a conducive culture is a must. Without these basics in place organizations would only be talking the talk and not walking it.

Further speaking about the propelling organizational performance & developing the next generation of leaders V Kalyansundaram, Head-Employee Relation, Nokia India stated that the world will become an awesome place to live if genuine leaders create leaders, show ethos & humility beyond competition. He also said that rather than fastening your shoes for today’s need, HRs need to see the horizon to think and fix long term goals. They need to create the soul to every organization as without this, the structure is just mortal and show that the success is in collaboration and thereby disconcert with the hero worship & sycophancy.

Discussing about the development of next gen leaders Vijay Rangaraju, VP (People and Culture), Polaris Software was of the opinion that it is not possible to develop leaders with the kind of approach most HRs are taking and according to him it is very difficult to build a natural leadership capability. Even if there is a good relation, it may not be a good return on investment. He also believes that it is essential for every organization to create the right eco system for leaders to be brought forth and celebrated. There are several leaders who join an organization and go undiscovered just because of incompatible eco systems. So, the focus of organisations needs to be on the eco system.

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