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Strengthening the HR Command in the C-Suite

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, January 14, 2013
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Bangalore: Many people still can't understand the real relation between human resource and work. They think HR department is still in the traditional age and their work is not at all interesting or beneficial to the organization. The only job they need to do is hire, fire or look after the payroll.  It's time people realize that human resources is way ahead of what they think i.e benefit, pay compensation and look after disciplinary action. Maybe only a great company with great leadership qualities will understand the HRs properly.

Chris Fields, MLHR, Professional HR wrote on that in order to give the HR a transactional look it has to first be accepted by the leaders or the C-Suite. They can allow the HR leaders to take part in the business meetings and see whether they are capable of ruling the organizational success. When the CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and CHROs agree to empower the HR team for strategizing company plans like driving and executing, then only people will come to learn that HR leaders are capable of handling management issues.

He further wrote that the initial stage in an organization is during the first half of the year when big goals and objectives are set for the rest of the year. So, during these meetings, the HR team can play a lead role by giving suggestions and opinions. An HR is the one who can also provide vital information on job duties, employee ability, productivity, and technology.

Moreover, when the CEO wants to change the process of making a product, survey new markets, low costs etc. in following up all these techniques they need good and efficient workers. In developing this, they will need the help of human resources department. This change is not easy. You may need to replace employees, enforce new technology, and above all: hire an expert to screen, recruit, train, and compensate employees. So, none other than an HR can drive this method towards a desired outcome.

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