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Some Common Legal Mistakes Made by HR

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, October 29, 2012   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: Every organization has some legal rules and regulations which are meant for the employees of the organization. When an employee joins a new company, these rules are made familiar to him / her so that if he/ she have some doubts, they can immediately voice it. If they are ready to abide by these rules and commitments, then the HR will go further with the recruitment process. However, the HR department also sometimes ends up committing legal mistakes which are threatening to the company.

Below given are some tips on how to avoid the legal common mistakes suggested by Robert G. Brody, the founding member of Brody and Associates, LLC, a labor and employment law firm.

1. While giving an advertisement for job vacancies avoid using the ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ word. This is an inappropriate way of writing for an advertisement. Instead, try reviewing the job advertisements written by other HR managers and rectify your own mistakes.

During interviews, avoid asking personal questions. Some HR people in order to know the candidate’s past, go about asking too many personal questions which the employee may not want to answer. To avoid such circumstances, provide the hiring manager with some acceptable questions which are related to work.

While giving a job advertisement, try to be realistic rather than giving incomplete or partially untrue job descriptions.  After the hiring process is over, when the employee comes to learn about the real job nature, he / she can sue the manager and this can also give a bad name to the organization.

2. Privacy in employee information- The HR department should not disclose any private information regarding any employees in an organization. This is totally out of rules and regulations unless there’s an emergency. In this case also, they can’t reveal anything without contacting the concerned higher authorities.

3. When new employees join the company, it is necessary to give him / her proper training. After the training is over, performance evaluation is very important. If something goes wrong in the work field later on, the blame will come on the HR for hiring the inappropriate candidate.

4. Communication break-down- Communication gap always misleads an employee. A new employee should always be brought to notice about the terms and conditions of employment. Failing to provide the same can lead the company to danger.

Avoiding the above points will not only make you a good HR but also prevent you from getting into unlawful acts.

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1: These articles are very useful. I want to share my opinions towards any organisation's requirement

HR makes any organisation to any level.

Requirement for organisation : Expertise levels and way of confirmation in individual's performance as per our requirement. Need to sketch before giving any advertisement.

Training period and performance after training needs to be monitored and cautioned.

Utilisation of performance by motivation and encourage to raise innovative ideas in individuals towards organisational growth.
Posted by:K Ravinder - 16 Nov, 2012
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