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Say 'Thank You' and Motivate Your Employees

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, November 26, 2012
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Bangalore: Money can't be the reason for satisfaction and inspiration to work always. A simple 'Thank You' can make the job seem much easier. However, some supervisors don't think that they should thank the employees for getting the job done. Instead they complain saying that, that's what they get paid for! What's the need for thanking them? It's true that every employee in the organization gets paid for their work, but a sincere 'thank you' can act as reinforcement for keeping up the good work. This behavior not only makes the employees happy but keeps them lively and motivates them to put in their best effort into the work, which in turn brings productivity to the company.

Below given is an infographic by on which mentions some of the situations in an organization and shows what happens when employees are given recognition and on the other hand what happens when they are just neglected.  


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