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Safety Policies Which Can be Enforced in An Organization

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, January 2, 2013
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Bangalore: Every organization large or small has got some rules for safety. These rules protect the employees from occupational hazards and other unknown possible accidents. As an HR, you should see whether the rules are applicable for every employee and followed by everyone. During training, organizations should make the employee learn about the safety rules and give equal importance to them.

Some small companies find it easier to customize the safety rules to the employees but the problem occurs when the discussion comes to large companies. They deal with more than thousands of employees who work in different departments. So it becomes very hectic for the HR department to train the employees on the safety aspects.

Jay Acker stated some points on about how these large companies can create a healthy and safe environment for the employees. Some of these steps are:

1. Deliver the safety information clearly- Expecting the employees to read a long list of safety rules may not turn out to be fruitful. So, it is better that you make them understand these rules and why it is important that they follow them.

2. Respect the employee morale- Managers should give importance to employees also because if they feel respected in the organization, they tend to put in more concentration and work efficiently to abide by the safety rules. To motivate the employees you can ask them to join in with a hands-on approach to make the boring lectures practical and enjoyable.

3. Simple conversation- You can discuss the safety rules with your employees as a part of normal conversation. If you conduct a training session especially for teaching the safety rules, they might be dismissive of it. So, including it in a general way will be more effective.

4. Identifying the safety goals- Starting a topic on safety rules in front of a large group can be tough, so try identifying the fundamental safety goals that are difficult to point out. Suppose if you are training in an industrial or chemical organization then the main aim will be to start with the basic concept of safety.

Maintaining safety in an organization will not only help employees keep away from danger but it will make them feel secure in their workplace.

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