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Role of HR in Establishing Good Relationship Among Employees

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, October 29, 2012
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Bangalore: In an organization, not only work satisfaction is essential, employee to employee relations also matter a lot. In a team, work decisions can’t be taken alone. It is very important to discuss with all the team members to make a/any project-a successful one. Egos and fights will not only ruin the work environment, but will also bring about loss to the company.  In this way, they can complete the tasks in much lesser time by applying innovative ideas and techniques. The HR can play the best role here in creating mutual understanding and good employee to employee relationships.

The HR department can assign some work/ tasks through which the employees can get to know each other well. In the daily routine work scenario, they are so busy   that they don’t get time to interact with each other. So, the HR can organize some group task which will bring every employee closer to each other.

Research suggests that the way employees react to their co-workers depends on their job responsibilities. If they are frustrated and dissatisfied with the job, then often we will get to hear about misunderstandings and fights. As they spend more time in an organization, the employees develop a feeling of trust and faith towards the company which often reflects in their work.

To get a break from daily routine work some organizations try to arrange for some get-togethers or parties where each individual can bring a dish according to their taste and share it with the co-workers. This type of informal parties often works in maintaining good employee relationships. Celebrating birthdays, occasions, sports day, annual etc. together helps the employees relax and have some fun in the work area.

Whenever there is a new joinee, the HR can introduce him to everyone so that he is familiar with his fellow colleagues. In this way he will be able to immediately get down to work and eventually help the other employees in completing their work.

Moreover, the HR and the managers must make a note of these activities and make sure the employees get the best out of it and avoid frustrations in the work field later on.

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