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Making a Low Performance Review Effective

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, October 22, 2012
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Bangalore: Poor performance is surrounded by tension, uncomfortable situations and stress. Managers and employees go through a rough phase in this situation. Many of the under performers don't even realize where they stand, and some of the poor performing employees just don't care. It is the HR manager’s responsibility to handle these types of employees.

An employee who doesn’t meet the expected performance level is a major concern to the organization as they will affect the overall performance of the organization. Employees with an under level performance affect the productivity of the company drastically. Thus, it is important to review the employees with a low performance level at an early stage. Motivating an employee based on his positive points will help them improve gradually.
Some managers think discussing negative points with an employee will make him feel low and distract him from work or even lead to resignation. But is reviewing so difficult? Sharon Armstrong, founder of Sharon Armstrong and Associates, on cited some tips to make a poor performance review more effective.

1. Face-to-face communication: This type of communication helps in getting to the cause of the problem apart from providing solutions. Rather than scolding and making the employee feel humiliated in front of others, it is good to discuss the problems he/she is facing in a conference room.

 2. Learn your employees’ way of communication: Everyone has their own way of communication. Some people may be introverts while others are extroverts. As a manager you should understand your employees’ style of communication and use the apt approach to pass on the message.
According to Sharon, "Tailoring your bad-news delivery based on the employee instead of using a cookie-cutter approach make it more likely the employee hears what you're saying."

3.  Speak out Directly: It is good to speak out directly to your employees rather than jotting down their negative points. Pointing out the errors on the spot will help him/her realize their mistakes and immediately rectify it. While reviewing poor performance make sure that you speak about the good work that he/she has done.

4. Preparation before the review: Give your employees some ‘home task’ so that they can prepare themselves before the review day. This will give you an opportunity to know about the hurdles they faced while working on the job.

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