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MTV Viacom 18 Voted As the Most Preferred Digital Media Employer

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, August 31, 2012
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Bangalore: Stratum HR a niche strategic HR consultancy and Social Samosa, India's upcoming social media knowledge portal have brought out a research report on the digital agency employer brands. A research survey done with a sample size of approx 1500+ participants through Facebook page. The idea here was to have a focused group so as to arrive at a qualitative inference. Close to 300 employees from various agencies were informed about the survey personally.

MTV Viacom18 was voted as the most preferred digital media employer followed by Hungama Digital, Pinstorm, Ignitee and Indigo respectively. Of all the people who responded with MTV Viacom 18, only 17 percent worked for the company while the rest 83 percent worked elsewhere. This clearly shows that MTV Viacom 18 enjoys great loyalty as well as being high on aspirational value.

Mid-sized companies like Pinstorm, Ignitee, Indigo, Foxymoron etc. ranked higher on the loyalty level as most of their current employees chose it as a preferred company.

One surprising finding that came to light was the loyalty factor. Out of the total respondents whose current employers were known, 61 percent were satisfied to stick with their present companies. Out of these females turned out to be a tad more loyal than the opposite gender.

It was interesting to find that 4 percent of the respondents who were from mainstream sectors were eager to explore digital media as a career option.

The inference that one could draw out of this research exercise was that in a time when employee preferences and loyalties are changing rapidly "Employer Branding" holds the key to retain valuable resources. However big or small your organization may be, it is important for you to take proactive steps to create a positive image and project your brand as a long term player.

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