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Learn How to Overcome Poor HR Strategies

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, January 14, 2013
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Bangalore: Time changes and so do strategies and policies. As an HR leader, you have probably been observing several times that your company is not reaching the expected mark or able to fulfill its goals. Maybe that's because it's time to change your HR strategies and set up new tactics in this New Year. Try applying some changes and start working on it afresh.

Sally Ann Moyer stated on about some of the strategies to be avoided. They are-

1. Do not hide the interview rounds: Before going for an interview all candidates expect that they should be informed about the number of interview rounds. Hiding from them and making them wait for the next round will just make them feel frustrated. Give them a chance to prepare so that even your time is not wasted in taking interviews.

2. Never hire people with same qualities: Even if you have seen people of a particular nature gaining success, it does not mean you should hire candidates of the same type. Too many employees of the same character will take the business nowhere. Each job sector needs people of different personalities. So, act accordingly and avoid recruiting monotonously.

3. Proper advertisement: If you see there's a great opening, then don't think that talented candidates will step into your organization without proper ads. Bad strategies of recruiting such as depending on unclear advertisements, having high expectations from candidates or relying on word of mouth may just hold you back.
4. Use of HR Metrics: HR metrics should be used not only to analyze the cost of hire per candidate in past and present situations, if you can see it for future perspective it will help the organization in the long run.

5. Do not mix personal and professional relations: In an organization, managing personal and professional relations is very important. And in a field like HR where every day you have to deal with human beings, it is difficult to keep away. You should remember that getting personal won’t make any candidate eligible for the available post.

6. Being in touch with talented employees: Try to maintain a good relationship with qualified and experienced candidates. Whenever there is an opening in the organization you can refer their names. So, for that you can take the help of tools such as LinkedIn and iCIMS Connect to keep your pipeline full of potential candidates.

Following the above mentioned points can bring a strategic change to your organization. However, it may take some time to get the expected results.

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