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Job Burnout Solutions from HR Point Of View

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, May 15, 2012
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Bangalore: Job Burnout is a critical issue faced by the employees of all ranks, which arises due to prolonged response to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors on the job. This is one of the major problems encountered by HR professionals because they are the people who have to deal with the human side of the business. "The Big Employee Burnout" may sound as a very big crisis for the organization, but a competent HR can help to cope up with it to cultivate a healthy workforce. Here are some suggestions for HRs to combat this problem.
1) Lookout for Burnout Symptoms in Employees:
A worker undergoing this situation has certain symptoms such as decreased productivity, confusion, disorientation, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, absentism etc. If anyone of these symptoms is seen in your staffs, instead of confronting harshly one should talk to him privately and get to know his problem.
2) Create A Support Environment:
Hosting a counseling session with the employees fortnightly or monthly may give a real insight to the problems faced by them and each person should be encouraged to speak freely. Sometimes the management has an unclear idea about their working conditions and these kinds of sessions can be an eye opener for them also.
3) Using Empathy as a Management Tool:
Nothing works like empathy from management side to boost the enthusiasm among workers. This is also a key solution for the burnout problem faced by the workers.
4) Be Careful At the Time of Recruitment:
Some kind of jobs like customer care, sales, healthcare, military etc. require people with very high level of tolerance. At the recruiting time only make sure to hire people who can sustain the critical situation what the job demands. One should not hire a person even if you have the slightest doubt about his compatibility with the work profile.
5) Training:
Organize training session for the workers who are not performing well and also show them how to combat work stress in the process.
6) Entertainment for Employees:
To keep the stress level of the employees in check, various events for their entertainment such as family get-together, picnics etc can be held. This also encourages the friendly atmosphere in the workplace.

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