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Is HR Nearing its End?

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, September 19, 2012   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: The HR field is likely to undergo a transformation. Although the change will not be a bad one, however it will be major. The end of this decade could be the end of HR and the birth of another generation of the “people” function. “As a Human resources specialist it is sad to see how many companies are stuck in a time zone when it comes to HR practices. There is nothing new and reluctant to try new thinking or approaches and costs are always used as a reason for not pursuing new ways of making life at work interesting and fulfilling,” as mentioned by Matthew Newey in his article in

HR fundamentally has not had any comparable success and it is in the process of reconfiguring itself. Recently, some of the HR activities have been outsourced. While some of the non-technical portion of its work continues valiantly to relate more directly to the business, its strategy, and policy related matters. It’s sad that the basic and routine HR practices are wowed when a consultant comes in to the new businesses. HR is now no longer seen as a growth partner within the business but as an Admin function.

The training and development of people is concern in getting government grants and levies rather than developing employees in such a way that they add real value to the bottom line.

Although HR ceases to exist, it addresses perennial and real requirements. Some new form for addressing those needs will come into existence. However, a place for the HR professional in the new form can’t be assured; inevitably, it will be threatening for some HR professionals; while for others it may be opportunity.

The hard truth is that HR might have only partially lived up to its promise. Now, the days of HR are being counted. The self-help orientation of the information technologies is also rapidly leading to the end of HR.

Junior professionals who are provided with a computer and the right software can now manipulate and organize data that was once reserved for skilled professionals. Now for HR activities, the same de-skilling is happening.

The people function, will survive in other forms which may be suited for future needs. The search to minimize costs and improve efficiencies has already led to outsourcing of HR activities. The present mantra, “Getting HR people to understand the company’s business,” will not be enough to rescue HR as said by Stan Davis in

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1: It is very practical artcle. HR is doning only administrative work. No body is interested in understanding others skill only favoratisim is the instrument of skill. On adivce of functional managers HR is doing steno work of government office.
Posted by:aswinisahu - 20 Sep, 2012
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