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Investing in Employee's Holistic Wellness

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, March 1, 2013
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Bangalore: When you hire a new employee in your organization from the first day itself you should start having high hopes from him / her. You want the employee to work hard using all his abilities and take the company to a new level of success. What happens when the employee feels sick and is unable to attend office? Won’t it be a headache even if he / she take a leave for one day? A planned leave is manageable but an unplanned leave often incurs loss.

Everyone knows ‘Health is Wealth’ but according to some people being healthy means only to look slim but they forget about the interior well being. Holistic wellness for employees is a very important topic these days. If employers start paying more attention towards the employees, organizations will be able to bring down its losses.

Ankit Agarwal on states that although organizations provide a number of benefits and facilities to the employees they also expose them to a stressful work environment. Work stress and mental pressure automatically creates a situation where it leads to poor concentration, reduced work productivity and irritability. It also makes employees suffer from diseases like neurotic disorders, anxiety and stress. So, if the organizations start developing a healthy workplace it can benefit them in the future and expect a positive growth from the employees.
HRs can play a great role in this because whenever an employee is unwell there is a break in their work consistency. So, you can ask them to take up a healthy practice and avoid falling sick. Even if the worker attends office they won’t be able to become much productive and this will affect the imposed deadline. It is seen that when an employee attends the office in spite of the fact that he / she is sick, chances of spreading the disease is more.
HRs can help the organizations adopt corporate health programs for employees like most of the countries such as UK and US. This is important because when an employee is physically fit and happy it reflects in the work they do and it ultimately helps in the growth of the company. Rather than incurring loss frequently it is better to adopt some precautionary steps.

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