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Human Resource and the Need for Sympathy

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, January 14, 2013
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Bangalore: You can never predict what the economy holds in the future. You see it rising high today, and the next moment you will find a downfall in the margin. Whenever there's a recession, the HR department is one that has to deal with a lot of depressed people. Recession is the period when organizations lay off employees; not because they have gone against the company policy or came out as bad employees, but because their jobs got eliminated.

While informing the employees about the termination, they often use terms such as transformation or reconstruction. Whatever be the term, an employee who has been asked to leave the organization suddenly, will obviously go through fatigue and depression. It depends on the HR on how they handle this emotional situation and how tactfully they deal with the terminated employees.

Susan Storm Smith wrote on on how to handle such situations so that if there is a recession again in the future, HRs can be more careful in tackling those pressures.

1. Escaping the guilty feeling- At some point of time employees do feel guilty when they are shown the exit door. HR can boost the morale of these employees although it would be a challenge to an HR. Not only has the employee had to suffer, but their family members also go through a lot of adjustment in their day to day life. This may lead to serious mental and health issues if they are not given emotional support from the beginning.
As an HR, if you start feeling guilty about it and blame yourself, no tactic will work. It's better if you provide help and support to these employees and their families, which will at least comfort them in rough times.  

2. Tough decision- One of the most difficult situations is asking your employee or colleague to leave the organization. Terminating thousands of employees on a single day can be tough and an emotionally overwhelming job especially when the HR team doesn’t have assurance of its own employment.

You might be having a lot of termination paperwork to prepare by the end of the day, but you must know the fact that when there are fewer employees, the number of HRs is also decreased.

3. Conveying the message- Although the news may be heart breaking; if the way of communicating it is warm, even that seems to be calming. While announcing the bad news, if you remember to say a heartfelt 'Thank You' to those employees for the good work they have done, it might give them hopes of getting a better job in future. This also sends a message to the retained employees about how well the company supports and cares for its employees.

If you as an HR are strong enough in these situations, then only can you extend comfort and support to your fellow employees strongly.

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