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How to make business meeting interesting.

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, February 28, 2012
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Bangalore: The business meetings now a days are probably obscenely painful experience. Some of the companies have come up with the ways for making these sessions more productive, and less wastes of your time. One should identify the purpose of the meeting-If the purpose doesn't include the reasons, don't call a meeting. The desired outcomes for the meeting has to be listed. Then Build the agenda after identifying the purpose and desired outcomes. Each agenda item should supports the purpose and drives one of the desired outcomes. If it doesn't, take it off the agenda. Provide a copy of the agenda with the purpose and desired outcomes at the top. It will help everyone stay focused, even if this is a regular meeting with a standing agenda.

It's hard to imagine meetings being considered "fun". But injecting a little fun into your meetings might be just the right thing to encourage participation and creativity. Having fun at the office leads to a more enjoyable workplace and increased employee loyalty. It's important to always provide employees with the caveat up front that they're free to decide to what extent they wish to participate. Some employees will warm up more slowly to an unconventional meeting style than others. It's not fun to have your meeting facilitator (or worse, your boss) breathing down your neck to hurry up and start enjoying yourself. People will participate when they're comfortable and relaxed.

Better yet, determine the purpose, desired outcomes and build the agenda with your team with a bit of fun involved. That's a worthwhile use of everyone's time.

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