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How to make HR Data Highly Effective

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, September 28, 2012
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Bangalore: HR professionals are already dealing with chores that require them to load a swarm of employee data such as their profile, appraisal, compensation, and benefits. What if Business Intelligence was used to derive valuable information from HR? If businesses were to apply BI upon HR data, companies would benefit tremendously. This data can be put in to good use when it comes to the screening of future candidates, cost containment and even improving productivity. The effective usage of BI can help ascertain where exactly the human value of the said organization lies; as reported by

As human resources is always kept confidential; and the aforementioned data can be also hard to acquire even at the managerial level, then how could businesses find a way to solve the problem and combine the forces of BI and HR?  A probable solution to matter would be if modern businesses could overcome the obstacle by means of flexible security levels.

Here are some of the advantages of using BI in the field of Human Resources:

Interpreting the effectiveness of HR – To understand the correlation between employee and financial performance and to determine the areas where change has to be undertaken.

Noting the days of absence – Note and evaluate the trends in demographics for the days and events of absence.

Effectively carry out compensations:  You would be able to comprehend how compensation has an impact on performance, and make sure that compensation is always fair, and incentives are aligned with the company’s objectives.

Analyzing Performance – An analysis can be made to interpret the best and not so good performers and accordingly positions can be allocated to them. The data can also be used to critically analyze the finances used for training and also to understand where the employees require aid in training. 

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