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How to Handle the Growing BYOD Trend

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, March 1, 2013
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Bangalore: Employees are ever ready to welcome the idea of BYOD in their organization. It’s true that employees enjoy working on their own devices in the organization but do you think it is safe enough? Allowing the workforce to work on crucial office information in their personal devices is risky. Chances of information getting leaked are very high.

An article by Tim Gouldon on highlights how organizations can handle the BYOD trend easily. Allowing employees to use their own devices will help in gearing up business growth and productivity. There are certain vulnerabilities which could affect the company. Some of them are: security issues, concerns regarding productivity and office working hours and others.

To make this successful, the HR department, IT, Management, Finance and Legal department should work together. For example in a company if they allow the employees to work using personal devices of their own choice then they can set some terms and conditions and also deny access to certain information and websites.  Limited apps such as weather and productivity apps should be allowed.Other company resources like documents, emails, contacts etc. should be easily accessible. They should also be able to text or send emails easily.

For configuring these services, employees should contact the IT department and activate the standard apps, office software, security tools and browser. Company will a). Pay a minimum amount of phone / data plan, b). Pay allowance to the employee and c). Cover cost of the full plan / data as a reimbursement.

As a part of the security to download any apps the particular application should be included in the company’s list. In order to access the features of the devices, employees should provide a strong password or else they can’t use the company network.

Try applying the above rules if your organization is allowing BYOD trend to the employees. If any employee is found going against the rules, the organization can easily bared their devices.

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