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How an HR can Stay Ahead in the Information Age

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, October 29, 2012
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Bangalore: In the age of data, an HR can be overwhelmed by all the information that they obtain and have to keep a record of. Midst of it all, there is a growing voice of dissent talking about how HR is becoming irrelevant. Though this statement usually brings in raised eyebrows and fierce argument, one cannot deny that it is time for HR to grow in a different direction beyond the usual definition of work timing, dress code enforcement and payroll supervision. What exactly do we mean by growing in a different direction? HRs need to be up to date with the trends in HR so that they remain relevant to the changing work nature and culture. They need to use all resources available to know their domain, know their prospective employees and prepare for the changes that may occur in their particular industry. This may not be very easy. Take a look at five steps that will enable tackling the huge quantity of data and change that will be seen in the HR space:

Realize that HR should be Industry Relevant: The HR policies in a bank will vary from those in a software firm or an oil company. To treat each industry as essentially the same could be a folly. Hence, HRs must learn the policies that will help them stay ahead of the game.

Make a Workable Plan of Action: With a constantly evolving job nature, HR is all about strategy, strategy and strategy. There may be too many specialization fields in HR. Underscore a few that you will stay focused on and keep up with.

Sort and Ascertain What Needs Immediate Attention: Make sure that the information you receive is important for making good decisions. There is a need for HR to learn to prioritize so that they are not overwhelmed by data. At the same time, they need to be able to take a broader outlook at all the information that they garner from social media.

Allocate Time to Keep Up with the Tide: HRs need to dedicate time just to stay in touch with important decisions made in the HR field, latest technology and what interesting debates are being held on fundamental HR issues.

Categorize so That Finding a Needle is not Hard: Finding relevant information can be tough if your information is not properly categorized. Ensure that all efforts are taken to sort through all the data, be it employee records or performance reviews and put in apt folders.

When the HR is capable of analyzing and collecting relevant data, he/she will be able to dedicate more time to solving the several issues plaguing the workplace.

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