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How Social Technology Will Change the Face of HR

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, January 14, 2013
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Bangalore: Social media is going to lead the race in perspective of employee hiring, retention and development. In 2012, many companies had a good experience with these technologies. They used them to promote their brands and organization.
Many human resource professionals believed that their companies are lacking in social technology. Jeanne Meister stated on about the different trends in social technology. They are mentioned below-

1. Practicing Gamification in the organization: Organizations are putting efforts to infuse the idea of gamification into their business process. According to Jeanne, Deloitte has already incorporated the method of gamification for its employees. They have seen employees improving in their work field. They also believe that allowing their employees to share the prizes earned through games and training on social sites acts in a positive way.
Gartner, the technology research firm predicted that by 2014, 70 percent of Global 2000 businesses will be having at least one “gamified” application in their organization, as written by Jeanne.

2. Dependency on Klout: Klout is going to play an important role in promotions. It is the score which is calculated on the basis of social media sites. What people think about the user, how many people they connect to on social sites and on what topics. People can access the Klout score easily on their mobile which can even act as an influence in getting a job.

3. Replacement of resume: Employees can now ask their recruiting manager to check the top ten searches of their name on Google or Bing, number of followers on Twitter, quality of their LinkedIn community and Klout score before coming to any conclusions.

They can now prepare a video of their experience as part of their resume and upload it on the job portals. Slowly in this way, traditional resume will be replaced by more creative approaches of proving themselves.

4. Employees will be traced beforehand: HR professional should get acquainted to the social sites to get more advantage out of it. To pace up with the fast growing business, employers should know how to scan social sites and pick up the eligible candidate. Through this process you can identify which candidates are experienced and are ready to capture the top positions in the market. Since many companies are applying this method, it's becoming a stiffer competition in the market to hunt for the best talent.

Although some of these techniques will take time to be fully implemented, many companies have already taken their first step towards implementing it.

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