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How Mobile Employees Affects the HR Department

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, February 8, 2013
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Bangalore: The present day employees are fully dependent on technology and also they have a different view towards work life. Today's business world is changing at a fast pace so it is very important to cope up with the other competitors in the market. If you compare the past working conditions with present day, you will find that the gadgets which are found popular nowadays were not even known to many ten years ago. This shows how rapidly technology is progressing.

An article on talks about how the human resource department is affected by the new generation employees. Since, most of the gadgets today have got internet access; they can be operated on the go. Employees can now easily access office data 24 X 7 using their smartphone.  This results in an increase in teleconferencing, home-offices, more instant messaging and shorter employee occupancy.
The mobile workforce has helped in improving efficiency and productivity of the business. Organizations also liked the idea of mobile workforce since they can arrange employees whenever there is an emergency and that too quickly and at a lesser cost. So, when it comes to the human resource department it's an opportunity for them to retain more number of employees. They can offer their mobile workforces a flexible way of lifestyle and task challenges which the young generation always craved for. This will also lead to an increase of more happy and satisfied workers in the organization.
It is seen that HRs need to be more strategic and logistic in keeping the team focused in company goals. Still there are many companies who are yet to accept the idea of mobile workforce but organizations that have already adopted this trend feels that this idea has helped the HR department a lot.
As an HR, you should ensure that the service the in-office employees use should be available to your mobile employees. Although this can put on a lot of pressure on the HR department, however pilot programs can take that tension away from you and see that everything is under control.
The shift from traditional to mobile workforce would not have been possible if all HR staffs do not take the initiative. You are ones who with the input of other departments can make the planning and implementation for making the program a successful one.

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