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How HRs Can Help Their Managers Excel

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, February 18, 2013
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Bangalore: In the previous articles, we have discussed extensively that employees leave not because they are dissatisfied with their salary or co-workers, they leave because of a poor boss.  As an HR manager, you have full authority to help them improve and in turn retain the talented employees working in the organization.

Sometimes employees don’t complain when they are facing problems with their managers, but that doesn’t mean they are happy working in your organization; the truth may be something else. They could be internally preparing themselves for a new job and waiting for a good opportunity.

Tim Garrett, Principal at Diversified Performance Solutions wrote an article on stating some points on how to help managers or leaders improve their leadership qualities. Here are some of them-

1. Encourage your managers to be aware of reality- Teach your managers to be alert about day-to-day work performances. Top performers will always want their managers or leaders to be aware of how things should be and what is really going on, as they already have insights. Ask your managers to keep a track of everything. In this process, you can help them to cultivate a culture which will retain the top performers.

2. Considering SEQCDM- Almost every company deals with SEQCDM (Safety, Environmental, Quality, Cost, Deliverables and Management). Being an HR of the organization, you need to constantly keep pushing the management to pay attention to SEQCDM. Moreover, since the economy is in an unstable position, the management will pay heed to deliverables, cost and quality.

3. Taking management decisions- Teach the managers to take management decisions in the right manner. Some people are confused regarding organization policy and taking the right decision. If you want, you could arrange some training sessions for them. This process will encourage them to gain confidence and help them take their own decisions rather than frequently visiting you.

4. Always keep your talented employees engaged- A top performer will put his soul into completing a task or challenge and will contribute towards the organization’s profit. The only thing to do is keep them engaged and provide them with challenges; they will never leave you. Do you think your manager applies this or does he even know about it? If the managers fail to do so, your top employees may start leaving the organization soon out of boredom. Teach the leaders to keep discovering talent among the performers and throw challenges to the same.

Overall,  these sessions ask your managers to grow an authentic relationship with their employees. Be close to them, learn if they are facing any problem and try to solve it. Rather than money, rewards and recognition, employees need mutual support, caring, trust, and good communication. This strongly works as a motivator to stay back in the company.

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