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HRs now Turn to FB to Schedule Interview Calls

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, December 10, 2012
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Bangalore: Facebook was just a hang out place for friends few years back but now it has become the recruiting ground for many employers. So, what do the employers really look for while recruiting through Facebook? Michael L. Hoffman wrote on that according to CareerBuilder survey more than half of employers look for candidates placing themselves professionally online, 51 percent sees if they are going to fit in their organization, whereas others look for  qualifications and reasons why not to hire a particular candidate.

Vanessa A. de la Llama, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Florida International University in North Miami told that, "While employers are using Facebook to monitor their employees, they have also begun to use it as a screening tool when considering potential candidates because this is a fairly new trend, a standardized set of guidelines has yet to be established, with employers often assessing job applicants in a subjective manner."

Tony Anscombe, the ambassador of free products for AVG Technologies stated that, "Nowadays, online content posted about, or by a candidate, has become the modern-day equivalent of a first interview”.

However, the human resource department shouldn't judge a candidate based on the pictures he/she uploaded. Many people don’t like uploading their pictures onto facebook as it will go public. HRs should keep in mind that a good candidate might also be a socialite who loves drinking and partying.  So uploading such photos on his profile shouldn’t become a barrier to his career. However, in one of its survey revealed that 50 percent of the surveyed employers have turned down candidates just because of their profile picture.

Facebook is not the only ground for recruiters; however a survey conducted by a global security software company showed that hiring managers are using Twitter, Linkedin and other social networking sites to schedule an interview call.

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