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HR's Role Extending Beyond Convention?

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, October 22, 2012
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Bangalore: Today’s business world is running at a quick speed. In this field, there is no looking back for what has been left behind. Everyone is in a competition and everybody wants to take the top position.  Every organization has an HR department and this happens to be one of the most important part of the company. Each and every employee starting from the junior level to top management needs to contact the human resource department daily.

The HR is the one who knows every employee and about his personality because they are the ones who make them go through various levels of interview panel based on performance. But this raises a question; is the role of a HR limited only to staffing, recruiting, selecting candidates etc.?  Can’t a HR be taken as a performance adviser?

According to Carol Morrison, i4cp, with the changing trend of HR, they can also be a part of chief decision makers in the organization. Some top level management people think HR to be a non-strategic center instead of profit earning hub. In their opinion, HR professionals may not be able to contribute in business decisions.

The reality is something else because with the due change, HR tactics should also gain business knowledge. HR professionals just need the curiosity and courage to learn about how to pair business and finance to be able to give and judge sensitive decisions about enhancing the firm. They must get the capability to sit with the management people and support the stakeholder, board members and top level executives.

HR can come out to be a very helpful department if they are provided with the right kind of strategies. They can also help in the growth of a company by understanding the core business knowledge. It will be an overwhelming talent if they also come out to empower their knowledge in bringing profit and revenue to the company other than just working on selection, retention and other general stuff.

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