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HRs Learn to Solve That One Small Mistake

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, January 4, 2013
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Bangalore: We often see people keeping themselves away from committing big mistakes in an organization. But have you ever realized that there are some small errors which they might slip onto unknowingly. As an HR, you must have taken several precautions to maintain good relations with your employees until you find faults with them. For the fear of losing your employees, you are afraid to make a face to face communication with the employee.

Chris Griffiths writes an article on where he talks about the simple HR mistake. He suggests having a one on one discussion with the subordinate which will help to dig out the root cause of the problem. Although there are different types of issues occurring daily in a business, a successful discussion always helps to gather solutions.

The first step towards this is by telling the employee what you think is not appropriate and how it won't benefit the company. He/she will surely listen to you and try to correct themselves. HRs should take this as a responsibility and solve it smartly. You may involve the employee by asking what he would do if he would have been in your place. In this way you might exchange solutions and get different ways to help him/her improve.

If you find you are not happy with the outcome try going for another meeting. Don't feel awkward to make a note of these problems. It may seem bad but ultimately it will help the business. One more thing to keep in mind is that you have to avoid pointing out their faults in front of other employees, as this might affect them mentally.

Unless and until it's a severe matter, these types of small errors should be solved immediately in a small meeting. If you leave it and plan to discuss it afterwards, maybe that day will never come, and this will hamper the business someday.

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