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HR is not Everyone's Cup of Tea

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, February 16, 2012
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Bangalore: The world of work is changing and along with that human resource (HR) functions are also changing-and HR leaders are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate results from their workforce practices and policies. HR is for those who are ready to take the challenge of being a little different from the rest, who can draw the line between being empathetic and being a door mat, and who have the ability to deal with the complexity of multiple issues. The emergence of the organizational virtualness has changed the HR dimensions and its role in the organization.

Mostly senior people or those who have authority to look into HR stuff and show direction face difficulties when they start looking at others. They don't think of taking the initiative, because doing so would be equivalent to challenging the status quo. It's common not to think of doing things or saying things that would put the other person in a slightly uncomfortable situation, especially when the other person is more powerful or senior. Managing Change, Restructuring Organization, Globalization, Developing Leadership, Managing Knowledge Workers are some of the major challenges faced by the HR professionals in today's world.

The success of organizations depends on the human capital, this boils to recruiting the best, managing the best and retaining the best. Clearly HR managers have a role in this process. There is now a need to develop competent HR professionals who are sound in HR management practices with strong business knowledge. "Globalization" in the world economy is compelling organization to rethink their future strategies. There would be more existing and challenging opportunity than managing the complexities of change and transformation for the HR ". It is now widely recognized that transformation is a pre-requisite to their survival and growth.
HR is increasingly seen as a strategic linchpin-one that work closely with operations, finance, and other corporate departments to help drive business strategy and success.

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