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HR Strategy: Organization's success tool

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, February 28, 2012
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Bangalore: The HR department has always been a point of some confusion, companies struggle to discover the best ways to utilize such a vague, if obviously valuable, tool. Trial and error have gradually allowed HR to carve its niche in the business world; in recent years, HR has proven itself useful in the innovative development of organizational strategy. The notion of ' HR Strategies ' is common enough- certainly a plethora of books, articles, internet publications, and the like exists to spur HR professionals towards strategizing their business management. A great deal of progress has been made along this trend, but the fact is that much of this strategy development remains strictly conceptual; very little ground is being gained in terms of actual organizational change. Strategy, in order to be effective, must naturally be implemented. If a business is to change, people must drive the wheels of that change, and that is where HR's true role comes into play.
If we take real world examples, many organizations in recent times have dedicated 'people managers' whose sole function is to look after the enabling and fulfilling needs of the resources. This is a marked change from treating people as just resources to treating people as assets. The organizations tend to leverage upon the capabilities of the people employed there and ensuring that the 'human capital' is nourished and nurtured as a source of competitive advantage. This translates into a dedicated HR department and people managers in every group dealing exclusively with employee issues as opposed to treating this as a line management function.
Globalised economy has resulted in new business concerns, where future and success depends on how well change is managed. The dynamic of change becomes one of the central facets of any business where the role, function and process of HR must be redefined in the context of change. HR Strategies and practices help to manage the transition smoothly, rapidly and successfully and make the organization competitive always. Competitiveness is the best parameter which determines the survival of enterprises and organizational excellence in this scenario. Some of the key strategies followed by the Hr's are Strategic change management, Turnaround tool, Transition management. Human resources are a large reservoir of potential and can be strategically developed, utilized, and enlarged to a great extent for competitiveness and versatile organization excellence.
The time has come, however, for Human Resource professionals to push past the strategy-development phase and put their plans into action. The implementation of strategy is the key element of business success, and HR authorities are uniquely positioned to pioneer the realization of such strategies.

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