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HR Practices are Dinosaurs!

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, April 16, 2012   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: Now a day's every HR department and job which has practices, policies, and procedures are in a situation to become extinct as dinosaurs. Employees complain about all of these actions and attitudes of HR.

Susan Heathfield an Human Resources expert often comes across the employees like this who complains about their HR. She tells that employee and applicant questions provide her with the opportunity to examine how they are doing a particular activity, whether it best serves the interests of the organization, or whether it is a hold-over from ancient times. It also allow her to examine whether what they are doing is for the convenience of HR or truly serving their customers, their employees.

Well the question is not that whether the employees are not always wrong or staff members are not always right. Susan says that she has made an effort to explain and consider the disconnect that can occur as HR staff members straddle the fine line between supporting the firm's strategic business and management and being advocates for employees.

Self-examination is humorous on occasions but it is necessary for an effective HR contribution says Susan.

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1: It is not a difficult technique to synchronize the expectations of the employees from the HR Department in conjunction to the strategic support that it will provide to its management and overall organization's business objectives. It is a matter of being pro-active, results-driven facilitator of productivity, and make sure that every HR function can present an R.O.I. that will increase value add to the overall experience of all within the organization.

As presented in this article, indeed many HR organizations use antics and anti-competitive working styles that attract diminishing respect from its customers, the employees. In today's global competitiveness - every HR organization must be learning to become the high performance organization -

Openness to learn new technique, and acceptance of one's deficiencies are virtues that will help transform the experience of employees.
Posted by:JTerrenalMAGMS - 24 Apr, 2012
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