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HR Nightmare? Employees Who Become Rivals

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, September 19, 2012   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: History & pop culture is rife with examples of famous mentor - student relations and so is literature ; Frodo & Gandalf, King Arthur & Merlin, Harry Potter & Dumbledore, Yoda and Luke Skywalker.

Mentoring an individual is an experience that brings with it a strange mix of satisfaction and intense frustration. This is because in many instances, the student manages to outdo the teacher. Although a good teacher may take this a sign of success, it may invariably also result in some envy and paranoia. This is what deters many employers from hiring extremely ambitious people to work for them. They are worried that the freshers will take all the lessons that they can learn in the company and use it to start a company which may rival the place where they started off. This is an exercise in futility claims Mikal E. Belikov in an article for entrepreneur.

What does this imply for HR personnel? You are forced to recruit subpar individuals who may bring along a ‘work to eat’ attitude and will do the bare minimum it will take to get their wages. They will not attempt to learn more or grow in their career. Lack of ambition is not a virtue. “Where do you see yourself a few years down the line?” is a question most recruiters ask candidates during preliminary selections. HR personnel should seek to hire the individuals who wish to grow in their work place and not start off their own business ventures. If they state that eventually they wish to work in your organization but probably at a higher post, you have found a keeper.

Even then there may be candidates who do wish to start an enterprise which may rival yours. However it is pertinent to note that rivalry is not always bad. It is necessary to treat employees as resources who carry the potential to bring about change in your enterprise. They may also seek to start their own business, in which case the management has to ensure they have a strategy that is unique and will attract new clients/ retain old ones.

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