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HR Metrics: Pitfalls to Avoid

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, February 25, 2013
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Bangalore: It is seen that, although almost every company has got HR metrics to be implemented, but only a few were successful. So, what do you think why the other companies failed in executing the metrics?

According to Cathy Missildine-Martin, SPHR on, companies take up a lot of trouble in preparing HR metrics but sometimes they unknowingly fall into the pitfalls. Here are some points that you would need to avoid to ensure a successful HR Metric implementation.

1. Don’t plan for too many metrics: Creating abundant number of metrics can leave you confused. Always make sure that the HR metrics which you have prepared are workable, meaningful and limited. Although, the number of metrics may vary from company to company but the number should be reasonable.
2. Do not ignore the metrics: Always make sure that the metrics which you have prepared are put into action so that the effort doesn’t go wasted.  It depends on you how to get the management work on it. Target the managers to put the metrics in action and his team will automatically have to follow them.

3. Understandable and clear metrics: Prepare the data in such a way that others can also understand them. Try to keep it short, simple and understandable so that your employees can get a clear idea about what you want to say. If possible use different colors and images to highlight the different concepts.

4. Holding people accountable: Sometimes you need to hold people accountable for the actions they take. If you can’t, then the metrics will render useless. Ask the manager to reduce the turnover and increase employee engagement. By not giving any rewards and recognition, do you think the employees are going to work hard for the company goals? The answer is obviously no. While creating metrics always keep in mind that they are connected to the performance management, recognition and rewards programs also.

As an HR leader of a company you ought to know the importance of these metrics and how it affects the organization productivity. So, prepare your HR metrics in such a way that each and every employee of the company understands them and puts them into action.

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