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HR Leaders Be Aware of the Challenges in 2013

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, January 9, 2013
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Bangalore: It's been one week since we entered 2013. And still, there's a long way to go. Last year most of the large and only few of the small or medium sized companies could get used to the latest trends to enhance their business. This year almost many of the organizations including those that entered the market recently, are preparing to get ready to use these technologies.
Organizations are also preparing to get HR people who are experts in using these services. So, it is time for the human resources staff to make themselves aware of these upcoming changes. However, trends in technologies have made it easier for the users to cope with the big players.

Wallace Immen stated some points on following which you can enhance the business profit. They are listed below-

1. Use of Group service: By using this service, you can get group advice for your business. This is a free online service where budding entrepreneurs can post questions and get feedback instantly. Experienced entrepreneurs can share their experiences and give help to the beginners.

2. Get used to social media: Many companies have a doubt about the usage of social media, but this year it is believed to be used by almost all companies. Social media is one such place where you can track performance reviews and set goals for employees to improve.

3. Hiring contract workers: Most of the organizations are preparing to increase their number of contract workers. In this regard most of the human resource people are already handling the legal issues, such as contracts where the starting and ending date are mentioned. Small and medium companies who are not used to these policies should start it soon.
4. Plan for hiring: In this year, recruiting is expected to rise from last year. Companies are looking for ways to expand their business so it's time to get ready for hiring new talent into your organization.
Other than the above mentioned points small and medium companies are believed to face some more challenges. They are in the sectors of employee retention, engagement and leadership in 2013.

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