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HR Developing Points for 2013

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, January 16, 2013
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Bangalore: Each year brings new hopes for development and positive turning points in businesses. Similarly, in the fields of human resources also we expect to see some potential changes which will benefit the organization. In 2012, although some changes had been applied but there was no such drastic change. So, hopefully in this year, organizations will undergo a transformation.

Dan Wisniewski in wrote about some of the points which he thinks you will get to see in all organizations. Take a look at the mentioned trends-

The trend of hiring online- Although many companies have discussed on this topic, only a few of them have applied it in their HR policies. This year maximum number of organizations has planned to add this point to their list of HR tasks. According to Dan, a recent survey on Elance Global Business it was found that 85% of small business owners found online hiring as an advantage.  So, there is no chance companies are going to neglect this trend.

Work from home- Some of the companies allowed this rule of telecommuting earlier but since it has seen many benefits; more organizations are planning to infuse this as a part of their policy. Organizations have found that it helps in retention as well as maintaining good relations with the employees.

Small business and Fractional Employment- Temporary staffing is a new trend which is good for small business owners. They can hire talented workers temporarily and that too without any commitment of a full time job. If your organization cannot provide those employees with resources like leave, maternity, sick leaves then Fractional employment is the best option.

There might be several different points an organization might need to apply in their list of HR tactics but these are the common trends which every company will see in the following months to come.

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