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HR Department Most Prone to Gossiping

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, September 12, 2012
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Bangalore: Chatting in the workplace is not a new thing, but a new study reports that it might be more prevalent in some departments than in others.

UK Office employees spend an average of 29 minutes gossiping with colleagues a day, according to a study conducted by Mars Drinks Office Connections (MDOC). This accounts to the average office worker spending an entire working week every year enjoying a good chat with colleagues as reported on Although members of the HR department are trusted with big amounts of confidential information, people working in HR are more likely than those in any other DOMAIN to tell a colleague a confidential matter, according to the MDOC survey. The research, based on a survey of 2,000 office workers, that includes more than 400 HR professionals, studied how people communicate in the office.

Family was the favorite topic of discussion, followed by conversations about the television. Sports was the third most popular topic, while one in ten said that they enjoyed banter about making tea or coffee more than anything else.Other hot topics of gossiping include great weather, celebrity gossip, food, relationships, money, children and health issues. Survey on Gossiping of HR workers also revealed the following statistics:

Around 64 percent of HR staff believes that technology has not made communication in the office any easier. Only one in six prefers to chat face-to-face with colleagues, while a third would rather prefer phone or email. Some 55 percent said that there was nothing wrong with putting kisses on work-related emails and nearly 73 per cent thought it was fine to add smiley faces or other emoticons.

But words like 'love', 'pet' and 'babe', when referring to colleagues, are not acceptable, with three-quarters saying they should not be used in the workplace.

Jenni Morgan, trade marketing manager for MDOC, said people still value talking to their colleagues in person, rather than from behind a screen. “While emails, phone calls and even social media are certainly common ways for people to communicate with each other in the office, it’s encouraging to see that staff are taking the time to step away from their desks and engage with their colleagues in a more personal way,” she stated. “Not only is this great for nurturing working relationships, but it can also help make us more productive and create a much more positive and happy office environment.”

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