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HR: A Key for Organization Performance

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, February 7, 2012
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Bangalore: In today's world HR are the ones who have improved the business process such as product development, operations, customer service and distribution. Now a day's HR has accelerated change in the organization like IBM, Lowe's and Harvard Vanguard where they have emerged from compliance and administrative focus top to make the bold changes in spite of the regulations, bureaucratic entanglements and other barriers.
The IBM strategy of standardizing and integrating process globally is being instrumental because of their corporate HR. They have developed "Global Enablement Team" by bringing the marketing experts from mature IBM country units to help the business in developing countries. The reasons behind HR being instrumental for the success of IBM, Lowe's and Harvard Vanguard is because all the three companies have tough, business-savvy, and politically astute HR chiefs who are a vital partner to the CEO. These companies have been lead by the force of personality, credibility, bold thinking, strong conviction and a sense of mission.

The two main traits of all these firms are, the first one is the deep operational experience where the HR tasks such as benefits administration and recruiting require specialists. It has been a challenge for the HR to improve the attitudes and skills of their people at the same time they're redesigning their jobs. In the meanwhile HR also has to work intensively with customers and customer-facing teams to make sure their organization gets the "people" part of process improvement right. Second essential key trait is "Selflessness" where a typical leader of a process improvement has been appointed to drive actions and direct others, has high visibility and the power to deliver results, and wants to be recognized. The actions took by the HR should be in the best interest of the company, especially advocating for employee development and engagement, the head of HR can earn credibility and respect.

The role of an HR has to be flexible in policy enforcement and modifying HR policies to achieve enterprise objectives. The main focus of the HR should be "service to others-not to self."

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