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Getting HR Right in a Start up

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, September 19, 2012
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Bangalore: Start ups are very commonly considered to be a great platform for growth. Gen Y prefers to look for employment in startups over MNCs because they are aware that the opportunities for growth are more. Once they learn the ropes, they get to experience a variety of job roles because there are a limited number of employees. However there is a flipside to the coin. The focus of the management tends to be limited to gaining clients and managing the startup in its infancy stage. Focusing on the man power and employee problems usually takes a backseat.

The biggest strength of a startup lies in the fact that it has just started setting rules and forming strategies. It should ensure that it takes in ideas from all sources, including the junior employees of the enterprise. To avoid brain drain, there are a number of simple sounding HR strategies that can be adopted, states SMEMentor on

Firstly, ensure that your employees know that their work is appreciated. Give them a chance to express their ideas and evaluate them fairly. This is the greatest strategy of all. A forum where one’s opinion is heard is invaluable. It cannot be substituted with bonuses, promotions or leaves.

Secondly, although there should be flexibility in the work roles so that the individuals can decide what they are comfortable with, there is a need to ensure that the tasks are allotted to specific people. Else it will be a classic tale of “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”

Thirdly, respect the intelligence of your employees. If they find that they are being underpaid compared to other organizations, they will feel greatly undervalued. They may reconsider being loyal to their organization and will most probably look for higher paying jobs elsewhere. With these points in mind, startups can change their image and retain skilled and talented recruits.

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