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Employee Engagement: An Important Dimension for Human Capital Performance

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, September 28, 2012   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: Employee engagement is an important dimension of an organization’s human resource and social system. Employee engagement has broad scope and it is a strong predictor of organizational performance. It shows a two-way relationship between an employer and an employee.

Ontario Hospital Association’s (OHA) conducted an exploratory research project titled “Relationship between Employee Engagement and Human Capital Performance” to examine the relationship between employee engagement and several metrics of the human resources.

Here are the results of the study:

1.    Identified three HR metrics; such as full-time resignation rate, average sick days per full-time employee and management span of control.
2.    The outcome of this research provides support to HR leaders to build a case for making investments in employee engagement.

To optimize performance in an organization requires clear understanding of the company’s work culture as written on
Human Synergistics International conducted a study on organizational culture. It was found that work culture have an impact on the outcomes such as motivation, satisfaction, intention to stay, cooperation and teamwork, department and organizational-level quality, and adaptability. This study was conducted on 6,444 participants from 1,080 organizations.

According to the study, the three types of work cultures are:

•    Constructive culture
•    Passive/Defensive culture
•    Aggressive/Defensive culture

The study shows a positive correlation between the strength of constructive cultures and engagement and performance outcomes. This includes motivation, satisfaction, intent to stay, cooperation and teamwork, department and organizational level quality, and adaptability. It was found that the correlations between these outcomes and Aggressive/Defensive and Passive/Defensive cultures are mixed or negative.

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1: "Employee Engagement is a very good prospective which helps to build better team work, exchange of ideas, of course it bridges the communication gap between upper and lower level.
There is a relevant blog from Infosys SocialEdge. You can have a look at the below link "
Posted by:jeevan - 08 Oct, 2012
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