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Crucial Information an HR Must Know About Their Employees

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, January 7, 2013
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Bangalore: In an organization there are a number of issues coming up every day. There are some issues which need not be reported to the HR and can be solved by the employees or kept amongst themselves for privacy. But sometimes you will find issues which must be shared with the HR leaders to get the maximum support and benefit of the department.

Although no one can judge a personal situation better than the survivor, Amy Levin-Epstein wrote on about some tips which an HR can use in those situations. They are given below-

1. Serious health issues: If the employee is suffering from a serious health issue like undergoing chemo therapy, dialysis or taking medication then in this case an HR can take his/her situation as a special consideration. If the employee needs any shift in office timings or accommodations, being an HR you can allow them to avail it.
2. In the demise of family member: This is a situation which comes under paid leave. As soon as the employees inform you about the death of a family member you can allow him to take a leave to attend the funeral or ritual ceremony. They need not take a sick leave for that. Just see that they inform you at the earliest.

3. Eye witnesses of violation: You can't point out a manager or your co-worker unless and until you find them behaving inappropriately. Sexual harassment, forgery with the company funds or employees threatening another’s life are some of the possible cases where an HR must take action and necessary steps against it.

HR professionals should pay attention to the needs of the employees. They must listen carefully to what the employees say and then decide what they should do, on the basis of the situation.

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