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Companies Moving to Social Media for Talent Acquisitions and Retention

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, September 28, 2012
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Bangalore: FORE School of Management, New Delhi and National Human Resource Development Network together organized a daylong seminar on September 28, 2012, on leveraging HR on Social Media. The Seminar which was held in Bangalore, sought to deliberate and discuss on hitherto less tapped opportunities for HR professionals to use social media effectively and make a unique and positive difference at workplace.
Four highly interactive sessions were planned with presentations, Q&A sessions and with an emphasis on real life examples and experience sharing. About a dozen HR heads of leading corporate houses shared ideas on adopting the new platform to foster a culture of innovation and bring positive difference at workplace.

Dr. Jitendra K Das, Director, FORE School of Management, New Delhi, welcomed the over 200 industry leaders stating, “Instead of saying Good Morning ladies and gentlemen, it will be more appropriate to say good morning netizens. We are today the most connected generation with people logging into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter as soon as they wake up, follow or like their connections and update own status through the day.
We are witness to a phenomenon similar to the choupals of villages in olden days where people met every evening and work could be assigned or asked for. As the prospective talent pool increase their virtual presence and spend longer time exploring new and exciting features, it makes business sense for organizations to increase their presence in social media to tap them. Industry is now creating specific and sustained social media sub-strategy as part of their Employer and Employee Branding initiatives.”

The first panel discussion was titled “Building Strong Employee Brand through Social Media”. As the prospective talent pool for most organizations increase their virtual presence and spend longer amounts of time exploring the various new and exciting features that social media has to offer, it makes a lot of business sense for organizations to increase their presence in social media with high traffic of potential candidates. This brings for greater collaboration between the HR and Marketing departments to have a specific and sustained Social Media sub-strategy as part of their Employer Brand strategy.

Mr. C Mahalingam, Hon. President, NHRDN Bangalore Chapter & Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer, Symphony Services Corporation said, “The traditional hiring method is like a funnel, when what we need is a tunnel. Advanced technology and Social Media platforms finally provide such opportunity.”  

The second discussion was on using social media to foster a culture of innovation. One way to drive innovation in organizations is to cross-fertilize ideas coming from several employees. While such ideas can be generated through brainstorming or workshops, they can potentially also be supported by assisted facilitation online via social media, which is available to be seen by employees from different locations, and ‘cross-fertilized’ towards identifying ideas that can create impact to the organization. Social media can also lead innovation – friendly workplace behaviors such as networking, sharing knowledge and best practices.

Social Media & Collaboration amongst virtual teams was the topic for third panel. Global organizations have several virtual teams working together across countries & cultures. This creates a strong and urgent need for sustained collaborative working, continuous learning and resources at your ‘fingertips’. Given the recent economic situation, most organizations have undertaken cost reduction measures which include travel; here is where social media offers the perfect cost-effective option for facilitating such cross-border working.

The fourth session called HR ‘re-fresh’ was about Employee Insights through Social Media. HR professionals, who are constantly looking for new & unconventional ways to drive their programs, can add zing to their employee engagement & communication efforts by using social media in unique ways, e.g. a concerted launch campaign for a new HR program, a quiz based on the company’s values or exciting games a la offered by Facebook and dipstick surveys as a complementary way of gathering employee feedback.

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