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Blending Approaches for HR: Traditional vs. Strategic

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, September 12, 2012
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Bangalore: How is the evolution in HR going to influence the way people think and function? Audra Bianca on explains the subtle differences in strategies that have come about in the HR space.

There are two approaches to HR: the traditional and strategic. These give an organization a holistic way (using different models) of approaching the employees’ needs. The HR discipline in a company was created to enable employees with sufficient skills to progress on the job front as well as offer benefits and insurance to the family of the employee.

Traditional approach was popular earlier on and to a large extent is still followed in most organizations. This basically includes overseeing the recruitment and short listing of candidates for a post, including the employee to the payroll, deciding compensation and benefits and resolving issues that arise in the work place. They also conduct enquiries into poor performance of employees or causes for resignations.

A strategic outlook demands a broader perspective and a look at the general direction in which a company desires to proceed. It aims to ensure that all actions of the employees and company are geared towards the overall goal that the organization wishes to achieve. It is a unique way of handling an enterprise. HR will focus on the targets that are to be achieved and will try to empower those individuals who have the capability to steer their team towards these targets. A strategic approach makes use of data and analytics to determine productivity and may alter its HR practices to react to meet changes in the economy.

The traditional HR is still important for workers who can go to the HR department for all their queries and complaints regarding pay, work culture or retirement schemes. A hybrid approach combining the strategic and traditional methods will help in striking a balance that will ensure that the enterprise responds to the individual’s concerns and vice versa.

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