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Big Data: A Hot Trend in Recruitment

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, October 8, 2012
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Bangalore: Professionals who are involved in recruitment constantly search for various ways to hire the right person who can offer quality services. Gone are the days when recruiters used a type writer to backup their processes. Recently, they are relying on word files stored in their desktop instead of a bunch of papers.

Big Data is widely used by organizations while hiring to not only leverage the trends but also expose false preconception. "Data is coming at organizations more quickly than ever before. To remain competitive, all organizations need to analyze both internal and external data, as quickly and cost effectively as possible. This fuller spectrum of incoming information allows us to predicatively strategize and leverage a company's recruitment strategy well into the future,” says David Bernstein, Vice President of eQuest's Big Data division. Ray Anne on blogging4jobs explains why Big Data is a hot trend in recruitment.

HR teams are piling up their data such as demographic, attendance and performance records electronically and with the help of predictive analytics, HRs can now garner benefits from the huge amount of information available. Moreover, with the popularity of social media, employers can also obtain useful information from such accounts.

Predictive analysis can help an HR in making reliable predictions about the future behavior of the person with the help of his/her personal and professional characteristics. They will also have an idea about the kind of person who is best suited for the job. Finding the right person for the job will increase job performance as well as high retention rates.

All the information is consolidated and this is beneficial for business intelligence.  Usually the HR department stores their data in separate sections. When the information is consolidated, HRs can optimize and adjust their hiring practices. The consolidation of data can further help employees and managers access non-confidential data without troubling anyone in the HR department. 

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